Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Uncharted the hunt begins                                                                          

Me and my friends were wondering has anyone found the most biggest treasure in the world so we searched it up on google and someone had a treasure so big that it was as big as a mansion so we thought to go somewhere that had a bigger treasure then that big huge pile of gold so I said pack your bags cause we're going to treasure island.

Oh and my friends names are ,nathan ,jayden ,connor and bowen  so all of us left new zealand and arrived at the place they call treasure island as soon as we arrived all of us went into the pyramid were the treasure was hey nathan and jayden did you pack the weapons yes of course we did.

So me and conor got the weapons and went to go have a look just to see if it was ok to go through nathan got the crossbow, jayden got the rifle, bowen and connor got the knives ,I got the syths. So me and conor went past boom this big door slammed down oh no me and conor were on the other side then suddenly the roof was coming down so me and conor sprinted through and then slid right under before the other door closed

wow that was a lot of running then we finally met up with jay nathan bowen they  all walked to up but bowen went a bit slow boom it was a trap door oh no bowen I dived and grabbed bowens hand before he fell into the dark abyss that was close so pulled him up watch out jay and nathan said boom boom they shot a mummy and a egyptian cat called syronone ah I think something's on my back it was a fifteen centimeter black spider my worst fear connor sliced the spider of my back thanks I actually think it was a sydney funnel web as soon as we turned around we saw a big huge door open everything was shinny it was what we were looking for bowen said get all the things you can get then nathan said coooooooool so we started getting stuff jayden did a big as belly flop into the gold that’s how much gold there was then we sprinted through the other track back to the entrance

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